Nail Art Bingo for the Holiday Season

Create colorful design combinations by playing bingo

Do you know that American women spend millions of dollars on nail polish every year? In fact, the nail polish industry raked in 768 million dollars in the United States alone in 2012, according to Women’s Wear Daily. Based on the statistics, 33 percent of women on average have 25 bottles of nail polish stored in their own homes. Before nail polish was introduced to women, the Inca civilization used Henna dye to paint images of eagles on their nails. The ancient Egyptians, on the other hand, based the class in society by the color of the nails.

Today, nail art is considered a form of art and fashion by most women. Even famous celebrities like Kate Moss have joined the nail trend. The supermodel bingo ambassadress said in an interview with The Telegraph, “I’m really good at painting, and other people’s. I like doing it. It’s one of the things I like to do on holiday – a line up of all the girls and make their nails look nice.”

This holiday season, why not create colorful design combinations for your nails? If you’re having a hard time deciding what designs to put on each nail, then playing bingo can help you solve this dilemma. This is not your ordinary bingo because you will see nail design ideas or colors on your cards instead of numbers. Bingo fans can have their favourite themed Bingogodz characters painted on their nails – from the disco-lovin’ Afro-Dity to the adorable Zantos. Or you can also spread the holiday cheer by painting popular Christmas characters on your nails – from the jolly Santa Claus to the cute reindeers.

You can create your own bingo cards at, then use the List Randomizer at to draw out the designs or colors one by one. Once you completed one straight line (horizontally, diagonally, or vertically), you can now follow the designs or colors indicated. By playing nail art bingo, you can have a new set of nail designs every week.

Latest Nail Art Fashion Trends

French female celebrities like to go back to choose their traditional manicure style to decorate their razor sharp nails of their fingers and toes. 2013 can be marked as the revival of 19th Century French manicure fashion. Women like to shape the nails of both fingers and toes of legs. They apply darker nail polish for decoration and brightness. The new trend to use the darker shade of pink makes the nails/toes colorful. I have watched few fashion shows which took place a week back in Paris. It was a live show to give some good examples of conventional French nail art and fashion. I am agreed that nail polish color shades must be vibrant and natural.

Shelena Robinson’s slide shows can teach you about the new trend in the fashion industry. Nails should be trimmed well before application of the nail polish. Shelena’s hands seem to be radiant in low light as she applied double topcoats of glittering colors to polish the nail beds. The sparkling glow of the bright nail polish colors must strike your eyes at first sight.

The deep pink or rosy color shade is impressive and dynamic. However, depending on the size of the fingers, you will have to do nail coating in your favorite colors. Try to be perfect while emulsifying your different finger nails using attractive colors. I am amused and little bit surprised that even female New Yorkers show their interest towards French nail art.